On A Quest

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HELP! I Pushed My Project To The Wrong Repository!!!

So I was making great progress on my rails project when I had the bright idea to make a few changes. I thought I would add a new model which would then change the way the other models interacted. Since this new model could potentially lead to a completely different level of functionality and thus a completely different user experience I decided to make this an entirely new project. Rather than create a new branch from the old project I would simply create a copy of the old project and give it it’s own repository. Simple enough right?

Creating My Sinatra CRUD Project

Creating this project was so much fun and very fulfilling. There is nothing like creating your very own (and very first) web application: writing the code, making tweaks to have it work just the way you want it to, and eventually using it for it’s intended purpose. I created an app that would allow me to log my daily workouts. It keeps track of the days that I worked out, the total time that I worked out, as well as the total mileage of all my workouts. You can choose from a list of given exercises such as running, walking, biking, weight lifting, etc. You can also create your own exercise so that any activity that you perform can be logged into the database.

My CLI Data Gem Project

To create my CLI data gem I decided to use one website that I visit often - ketodash.com/recipes.

Iterating In Ruby

The concept of iterating is very important in the Ruby lanuage. Iterating allows you to apply the exact same method to all of the items in a collection. For example, if I have an array of words and I want to know the length of each word I would have to count the number of letters of each word. For example:

Why Software Development?

Everyone who begins at the Flatiron School is asked the same question: “Why do you want to learn software development?” My answer is simple: It gives me a sense of control.