On A Quest

One woman's quest to tackle computer programming one concept at a time

React: Building Chart Components

My React final project is an application where you can record all of the Fortnite games you have played. A user can save all of the relevant data such as the game mode, the total number of enemy eliminations per game, the user’s final standing, and any comments on that particular game. I quickly realized that an important facet of this application would be the ability to review this data in aggregate using charts.

My Rails With Jquery Project

The purpose of this project was to build upon the previous Rails project and use jquery to make it dynamic. In order to do this it was necessary to use the rails backend as an api, serialize the data, turn the data into javascript objects, and utilize these objects to display data to the page.

Rails Project: Chez Denise

For my rails project I created a website for a restaurant called Chez Denise. A user can visit the website and order meals from the menu. It’s also possible for a user to write a review about the restaurant.

Resources: Ruby, Rails, Javascript & The Rest

Before starting at the Flatiron school I used a few different avenues to try to learn to code on my own. I attended a meetup where we started to learn how to create Android apps and through this I was introduced to Udacity and it’s many videos and courses. From there I stumbled upon CodeAcademy, FreeCodeCamp, The Khan Academy, and so many others. I quickly realized that there is a huge amount of information out there if you really want to learn. However, as I’ve been on this journey for a while there are a few places that I consistently turn to because I know I will always get helpful information. Here are some of my favorites:

Do You Know About The Faker Gem?

Everyone knows that when you’re getting started on a new project creating seed data to play with initially is a big part of the process. When creating a new rails project, immediately after getting a model set up I will go into the seeds file and create a few objects with the necessary attributes to test the project as I continue to add functionality. For example, if I want to create a new user I will do something like this: