Do You Know About The Faker Gem?

Posted by Denise Pendleton-Lipinski on July 10, 2018

Everyone knows that when you’re getting started on a new project creating seed data to play with initially is a big part of the process. When creating a new rails project, immediately after getting a model set up I will go into the seeds file and create a few objects with the necessary attributes to test the project as I continue to add functionality. For example, if I want to create a new user I will do something like this:

User.create!(first_name:  "Denise",
              last_name:  "Owner",
             email: "",
             password:              "foobar",
             password_confirmation: "foobar",
             admin: true)

But I found this great new gem that can automate the creation of new objects for your seed file. The Faker gem. You can use it to create all sorts of things. A few examples are names, music, movies, food and so many other things. I used it in my project to create a list of users for my User model:

10.times do |n|
  first_name  = Faker::Name.first_name
  last_name  = Faker::Name.last_name
  email = "#{first_name}_#{n+1}"
  password = "#{first_name}password"
  User.create!(first_name:  first_name,
                last_name: last_name,
               email: email,
               password:              password,
               password_confirmation: password)

This code generated ten random users for me with all of the necessary attributes that I needed to test while building my project. Here are some of the users that this created:

Name: Giovanny Friesen Email:

Name: Audra Ledner Email:

Name: Monique Feeney Email:

This was an incredible time saver and I can see so may uses for this gem in future projects.

Take a look at the documentation and see all of the fun and bizarre things that you can “Fake”. What gems have you found to be useful or interesting?