On A Quest

One woman's quest to tackle computer programming one concept at a time

Learning Java

In the past few weeks I have been teaching myself Java. The languages I have worked with in the past (Ruby and Javascript) have been mainly for web development. I’ve decided that it’s time to branch out and learn something new. I realize that Java can also be used for web development but it’s also used for so much more.

Looking At Linked Lists

A linked list is a data structure that includes a ‘linked’ sequence of nodes. Each node contains data.

Tackling Algorithms: Counting Unique Values

Problem: Given an array of integers, count the number of unique values.

My First Technical Interview

A few days ago I had the opportunity to participate in a mock technical interview thorough SkilledInc.com. It’s one of the many benefits Flatiron offers it’s new grads to help them prepare for the job search.

React Final Project: Fortnite Game Recorder

For my React final project I created a Fortnite game recorder. My sons played Fortnite all summer and they were constantly arguing about who killed the most enemies in each game and who killed the most enemies overall, how many times they were in first place, and so on and so on… I got sick of hearing the bickering so I decided to build an application they could use to track their progress.